To pack, or not to pack: That is the question.

Or rather, what to pack and what not to pack.

With 26 days left until I fly out, I am starting to look at what to sell, what to pack and what to leave behind. I have 30kg checked bags, and 7kg of hand luggage.



Some things are obvious: my dress-ups collection (including fairy wings, angel wings, hard hats, tool belts, elbow length gloves and safari hats just to name a few) are probably things I need to sell to get a few extra dollars.
My computer I am selling. SIDE NOTE: Calling all nerds! If anybody knows a nice techno-head that I can email the specs through to and they can tell me how much to sell it for, that would be handy!

My clothing I need to go through, and if I haven’t worn it more than twice in the last 12 months then it can probably be sold as well. If it’s warm, take it!

I am packing my pillow (lovely expensive memory foam pillow that I will not part with) and a towel (I like the giant-sized bath sheets because on a 6ft curvy girl, normal towels are a bit more like tea-towels!), toiletries, camera, chargers, adaptors, a power board etc. I can buy a cheap hairdryer over there with the right voltage and such. Obviously I am not going to forget my passports and tickets either *fingers crossed, touch wood*.


My beloved Kindle screen was crushed in my adventure to Yamba, and I need to replace it this week because I am feeling so lost without it! Happily my parents will mind my 500-odd books for me at home and I can take my electronic library with me. Thank God for technology!

I will take a folder that has my diploma, certificates, uni transcripts and a half dozen copies of my resume so that I can get started on finding a job with an agency when I get there.

I keep getting this nagging feeling though – is there something I’m not thinking of? Surely there must be something that I am going to get to Brighton and smack myself in the forehead for forgetting!

So my question is this: to those who have moved overseas, or have travelled around, is there something that I am going to regret not bringing, or something I’m taking that I shouldn’t bother with?


2 responses to “To pack, or not to pack: That is the question.

  1. When I moved from the States to Germany for 3 years, I figured out rather quickly I could without a lot of the things I thought I so desperately needed. I think everyone could probably live with a lot less than they actually do. Sometimes I want to move just so I can take the opportunity to purge belongings and simplify my life.

    • I know! This is my 28th or 29th move in 27 years, I’m pretty good at keeping it small, but since I’m on a one way ticket I also want to keep a few little home comforts with me! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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