About Mandy (or her latest alter-ego)

She never really understood unrequited love until he moved away, and she ran out of chances to make him love her.

I’m Mandy. I’m not normal. I could put myself in a few boxes; I don’t have a problem with being categorised, cos I’ll probably break out of it anyway.

I live a lot inside my head. It’s dangerous and scary and the loveliest place to be.

I write. Well, at the moment I’m trying to motivate myself to start again.

I like a lot of things. Surprises. Daisies. Freshly mown grass. Paddocks. Sunshine. Rain. Sad music. Doonas. Close friends. Dancing. Certain pens. Fairy floss. Fairy tales. Fairies. Sudden inspiration. The beach at night. Amazing moments. Change. My teddy bear. Jewellery. Compliments. Italy.

To be continued….


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